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Tour suggestions

Horsens as entry port gives access to:


Jutlands east coast is the perfect entry point for a holiday at sea in Kattegat, where access to Endelave, Anholt, Læsø, Tunø, Samsø, the Archipelago of Fyn, the naturally beautiful fjords and inlets, or the northern German or Swedish port and harbours.

Endelave: Endelave is the first natural halt on your journey at sea. Here you will find a quiet, comforting port, buzzing with activity in the holidays, only a short distance from your entry port of Horsens, thus making an excellent stopping point, after the first days rush.

Anholt: Anholt is worth a visit, with clear waters and sandy beaches.

Tunø: If you’re looking for peace and quiet, yet still lean towards the feel of the ports, Tunø is the place for you. A walk along the island is a special experience, and for the many music enthusiasts, one of the year’s highlights is the annual Tunø Festival, but also during other weekend during the summer, the island absolutely warrants a visit. Often music or dance arrangements, with a popular band at the “Mejeri” - a former dairy, the inn, or at the open barbeque are set up, and are very unique, and these are always open to outsiders, who will be greeted with interest and kindness.

Samsø: At the northern most tip of Samsø you’ll find Nordby. Nordby is a natural part of any visits aimed and taking in the nature in Samsø’s northern parts, but don’t be fooled, a walk around the city’s pond or bell tower are also sights to behold.
If any references to other parts of Denmark are sought, a visit to the most northern tip of the island called “Issohoved”, is said to be very similar to the most northern parts of Jutland, called Skagen.
Of the many, Ballebjerg is the most beautiful of the hill lands on Samsø, and apart from the stony shoreline, many sights can be found here.


The website "Sydfyn" gives you an excellent idea, of what you can expect during your travels in the archipelago. Have a look at the website, though bear in mind, the website is in danish: www.sydforfyn.dk


Also a video on youtube demonstrates the danish sailing experience.  






In addition, the website www.havnelods.dk describes port entries, areas and nearby town and cities. (Website is in danish)