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Rental Terms

 RENT -1- BOAT = Landlord

1 The landlord of the leased vessels only rented to tenants who can demonstrate knowledge of sailing. It must be produced whenever required / tested when the boat is taken over . Certificate of Proficiency must be presented .

2 Once the order is received by the landlord, tenant will receive the contract at the desired lease. The boat is only finally secured when the signed contract and a first installment of 20% of rental sum is received by the landlord.

3 Canceling the rental entered into this contract - it must be paid advance payment shall be considered as lost unless we manage to rent the boat out to the other side. Re-rented the boat, returned the amount paid , minus a fee of 5 % is recommended bådlejer take out cancellation insurance with a reputable insurance company.

4 Minimum rental period is usually 1 week, (outside peak season this can be arranged ) starting on a Saturday . A hired vessel taken over time . 14:00 on starting Saturday and must be returned in the same place within the final Saturday . 9.00 .

5 However, the boat must be in port last Friday afternoon. Is it only possible to be in port Saturday morning , agreed this phone with the landlord. By late delivery paid for one extra day if delivery occurs within hours . 14.00 . In recent pass, proving bearings bådejers loss , usually rent for subsequent rental.

6 If it agreed vessel is not available , because of an accident, engine damage, or other conditions causing a boat owner does not find it prudent or possible to rent the vessel, put landlord as far as possible an equivalent vessel available. Can the landlord does not within 24 hours provide an equivalent vessel available , the full amount paid will be refunded and the tenant will then have no further claim against the landlord.

7 The rental period can not normally be extended after the boat has been taken . In cases where the tenant because of weather or other of bådlejer stolid , is forced to extend the rental period beyond the time agreed , the agreement is concluded with the landlord immediately possible before the agreed time of delivery . Otherwise the extension of the lease due to circumstances for which the tenant is responsible , the tenant is entitled to be agreed with the landlord to hand over the boat in any safe Danish port , but must bear the costs of transport to the place where the lease was terminated.

8 The rent covers all equipment , except fuel gas and alcohol (stove ) there is no reduction in the agreed rent if the individual pieces of equipment which does not affect the safety deficiencies. Bearings are required before departure to review the equipment list and notify any . shortcomings.

9 The tenant is facing landlord responsible for safe navigation, sails and sailing in general. If an accident occurs , all relevant information , including the names of both involved and their insurers communicated immediately to the landlord. The tenant is responsible for the lack of insurance coverage that may result from the tenant 's failure to ensure this information. It is noted on the chart board: Landlord can not assume liability resulting from errors or lack of charts.

10th All vessels are fully comprehensive motor insurance , but the tenant must be taken over by the boat pay a deposit insurance - depending on the size of the boat . This deposit covers hull insurance deductibles , and expenses caused by damage , loss of equipment occurred during the rental , or as a result of this. The deposit is refunded tenant at the end of the lease if no damage , loss of equipment or third party claim is Arising under the lease , or as a result of this.

11 Landlord assumes no responsibility for loss of time or expenses attributable to deficiencies or defects in the rented vessel. Where appropriate cases, the tenant immediately upon acquisition or when the defect or flaw detected during the rental period, get in touch with the owner, who will try to let the shortcomings repair as soon as possible , when it is possible .

12 The tenant is responsible for the rented vessel is sufficiently staffed and maintained in good seamanship . TENANT TO TAKE SAFE CLOTHES ON WHICH IS CAPABLE OF MOVEMENT ON A BOAT WITH . PUT HEELS , BLACK SOLES TO MAKE BLACK STRIPES ARE NOT good

13 The tenant is responsible for the rented vehicle is not used for purposes that are contrary to applicable law.

14 Before the tenant takes over the vessel, examined the vessel's equipment with the boat owner . Both the landlord and the tenant signs the transfer protocol. The tenant must ensure that any . deficiencies noted in the protocol. Tenant acknowledges by his signature that the boat and its equipment is certified to be free from visible defects.
The vessel is taking over fully loaded with fuel and water and cleaned. The vessel must be returned in the same condition . When you received are reviewed equipment list again . Landlord is then entitled to offset claims for faults and defects , or third party claim in deposit until this is paid.
If the vessel is not clean and tidy on delivery , the owner reserves the right, to the tenant to leave the vessel clean / clear out . Cost for this is usually at least D.kr, 400, - , depending on the size of the boat . The boat is not considered delivered before cleaning / remediation has occurred. The cost of cleaning / remediation may also be deducted from the deposit.

15 Bådlejer liable for all damages to the boat and equipment , including consequential damages, caused by bådlejer or bådlejers crew and not covered by insurance. Bådlejer will ensure that :

1 only the maximum number of persons allowed on board .

2 only under the engine to enter / depart ports.

3 not to change the boat and equipment.

4 the boat's logbook kept .

5 enter and remain in the safe haven of wind speed 12 m / s or more.

6 the boat must not be rehired .

7 after any grounding or collision to call at the nearest port and have carried out a thorough investigation of potential damage caused before sailing further . Costs shall be borne by the tenant.

      grounding disclosed to the landlord.

8 not to anchors at the open coast without regard for maximum security .

9 that sails do not expose mast and rigging of congestion.

10th without a permit to carry livestock.

11 daily to check the engine oil level (lack of oil is not covered by insurance and therefore the tenant's responsibility ) , and not to operate the motor at the heel of 10 degrees

12 it is the tenant's duty to ensure that sea valves for in and outlet of the toilet is closed before the voyage

13 In addition to seawater inlet to the engine is open before starting this .

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